Do What Needs to be Done Now

I just watched a video today on Facebook. Something about it inspired me. Here’s the video if you are interested in watching; I encourage you to! I don’t normally share videos like this, but something inspired me to watch this one. This woman exudes joy and glows of confidence. And yet here she is sharing this videoContinue reading “Do What Needs to be Done Now”

Take a Dare and Change Your Hair

I’ve had the same hair cut since childhood. Well, ok, the story goes a little deeper than just that. Let me explain: When I was about two, I finally had enough hair on my noggin that my mom decided to trim it. Of course, she chose the most basic hair cut possible for a littleContinue reading “Take a Dare and Change Your Hair”

Three Ways to Become a More Curious Adult

Remember back in the good ol’ days of childhood? Everything was magic, and there was something to be discovered in every nook and cranny of your own backyard. You wanted to try it all: you probably enjoyed arts and crafts, loved experiments in science class, and possibly even took up a sport. Then, something happened.Continue reading “Three Ways to Become a More Curious Adult”

Everything is an Experience

Every weekend, for the past couple of months, my parents drive a total of four hours both ways to visit my grandfather in the hospital. It’s one of those things that they often dread. It starts with them getting up early enough to miss the traffic, and still managing to hit the traffic despite itContinue reading “Everything is an Experience”

It’s Ok to Recommit

If my readers haven’t noticed, I have been posting quite a bit more than average on my blog as of late. The reason I’ve been posting so much is because I’m aiming to write for 30 days straight as part of the Praxis content creation challenge (for those reading who don’t know about Praxis, I’llContinue reading “It’s Ok to Recommit”

Why You Should Own a Cat

I have a personal phrase: If you aren’t a cat person, you simply haven’t met the cat. As for me, I grew up with several lovable little a**holes, and I couldn’t have been happier to have been raised with them. Each one had their own personality: Brownie, the might-as-well-be-a-dog, Blackie, the sassy spunkster, and Billie,Continue reading “Why You Should Own a Cat”

Experience the Experiences of Others

I’ve heard that fantasy is an important part of child development. I can’t help but think that it can be tremendously helpful in adult development, too. Have you ever been so immersed in a book or television series that you start to feel like you are living out the characters life? I for one have.Continue reading “Experience the Experiences of Others”