What I’ve Learned From Blogging (Almost) 30 Days in a Row

For almost the past 30 days, I’ve been committed to writing one blog post per day as part of the Praxis month two writing module. There have been some days that I’ve failed. Other days I’ve kicked butt and got multiple done at a time.

It takes hustle. It takes drive. It helped create the excitement I felt when I first saw my personal website pop up as the first result when I recently googled my own name.I’ll probably do it all again, but even better.

Here’s the three traits I’ve had to develop and strengthen over the month of September:

1.) Persistence

Persisting through the past 30 days has been the most challenging part of blogging through them. Finding time to fit the commitment I’ve made into my day has been hard. Even worse has been finding the motivation some days. There was one day where I had nothing else to do the whole day other than write my one blog post. And yet I put it off to the very last minute.

It’s often not about the time. If you really want something to get done, you’ll finish it despite any time constraints you may encounter. It’s more so about the motivation. The key is to just push through, and get out there and do it. Putting on your shoes and making it to the gym is half the battle. Likewise, starting up your computer and typing is half the battle. Commit to doing 10 minutes of whatever activity before giving up. It’s likely that within 10 minutes, you’ll find your groove and thus the motivation to carry on.

2.) Creativity Before Inspiration

Many people believe inspiration comes before you can begin applying your creativity to any task. This is essentially believing that you have to have a full, in detail plan before you start a project, from the vision of it as a whole, down to the details such as what colors the text will be. It’s never a bad thing to have a plan, but when you get so stuck on planning out the project that you put off starting it, it’s never a good thing.

This is the same thing with inspiration. Sometimes, inspiration comes before you start any creative endeavor. Most times, it can strike at random times while you actually work on creating said endeavor. When I’ve been blogging, many times I literally start writing, starting with only the title and without having any idea on what the post will actually manifest into. Other times, I start with a well-thought out post, and while in the process of writing the post, it evolves into something much better.

3.) Momentum

Doing anything day after day makes it easier. I would know: after being on a role for a week, I suddenly took a little time off and stopped blogging. After three days, I forced myself to bounce back and make up for the lost time by writing two blog posts in a row for the following three days. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through creative-wise. It took another week of getting back on track before I felt like great content ideas were coming to me naturally.

Doing something repeatedly will build momentum. Whether it be working out daily, reading daily, writing daily. Eventually it will feel natural and just like a part of your daily routine. This isn’t to say that there won’t be hard days, but once you’re past the beginning phases of starting a new habit, it gets much easier.

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