My Favorite Pair of Shoes

As someone who loves fashion (and thus buying more clothing than I probably need), it’s often hard for me to take the time to search for articles that will be multi-functional. Instead, I often buy fun statement pieces impulsively, without stopping to think if I’ll really be able to wear them with more than one outfit.

While it’s fun to buy these kind of pieces to adorn your outfit and make it feel of-the-moment, it’s more important to invest in pieces that’ll take you through several seasons beyond the one we’re currently in. A good ratio to make your wardrobe live by is the 4:5 ratio: for every one statement piece or trendy article you buy, make sure you have four items that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Enter my latest great “investment” pair: the Aerosoles Perfect Drive Slip-On Mule. While I originally bought these shoes for work, I find that they work just as well for more casual outfits. In fact, I wore them to work for eight hours today, and now I’m in my pajamas, wearing them as I type this article.

Drive Time Mule 4
courtesy of

The style is perfect – structured without looking stuffy, it easily converts from day-to-night, or from day-to-stay-in-and-netflix. Mules may be on trend, but this piece doesn’t feel over the top. As I and many fashion editors predict, mules are here to stay for a while anyways. The perforated leather adds the finishing touch to an otherwise simple (but chic) design.

Plus, the comfort is unbelievable. If you’re looking for support, this won’t be the shoe for you. However, if you’re standing or walking a lot during the day and just want general comfort and cushion, you’ll find that in this shoe. Your feet definitely won’t feel sore after wearing these for eight hours or more.

Of course I saved the best part for last. DSW is typically known for giving great deals on designer shoes prior to any further promotions, so these shoes were already marked down to $49.98 from the original price of $79.00. However, since DSW let me combine rewards points, free shipping promotions and even a birthday coupon, I ended up paying less than $30.00 for these!

Ok, seriously? I’m considering buying the black suede versions now.

Drive Time Mule 5

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