You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Give Great Advice

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know by know that I’ve been writing daily as part of my blogging for 30 days challenge. As I’ve been in the process of writing, I often have been coming across a feeling of being an imposter. That is, feeling like I don’t really know what I’m talking about whenever I write an advice piece or anything on a topic I feel I don’t know about. However, I’ve come to learn that this feeling is one that everyone goes through. It’s ok to feel as though you are giving sh*tty advice, or that you are not really an expert in whatever topic you are choosing to write about (or otherwise showing your expertise, such as through consultation, etc.) Here’s why:

You Learn by Doing

By putting yourself out there and not being afraid to fail or occasionally give the wrong advice, you set yourself up to learn to do your job better. There’s been times when I sit for hours reading about something before feeling like I’m ready to write even an introductory article on the topic. However, this usually leaves me feeling exhausted by the time I actually start writing the article. It’s better to just start writing (or doing, or consulting about) and admit when you’re wrong about something than to never start or compromise the quality of the work itself because you felt like everything had to be perfect in the beginning.

You Know More than Other People Probably Do

You’re always going to know more than someone else about a certain topic. Or, maybe someone knows more than you on a topic, but you just happen to know more about a specific sub topic. Perhaps this means you know more about creating a brand through social media than they do, even though they have a marketing degree from fill-in-the-blank school. Whatever it is that you know, go forth and tell people that you know it. Write about it and apply it. By doing so you’ll learn even more in the process, as said above. You’ll teach others how to do so as well, and they’ll probably be grateful for you sharing.

You Won’t Come Off as Cocky

The last thing that people fear about being an “imposter” is the possibility of sounding cocky when you do share whatever you know. This is often the stereotype that people think of when they think of the person who knows not-quite-all but acts like they do. Yet, if you look at many of these so called people, you’ll see that they aren’t cocky, but confident. They’re confident in their ability to share their knowledge and talents, and they want to see it make a difference in the world. And they aren’t afraid of what will happen if it doesn’t; they simply learn more from the mistakes and move on.

If feeling like you don’t have enough knowledge or skills for a particular field, I encourage you to tell your inner demons to shut up. After doing that, just get up and start doing. And always document the process along the way.

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