I Witnessed a Collision Through Rose Colored Lenses

Just yesterday morning, I witnessed a car accident. This was the second one I’ve witnessed this month, the third one in the past few months. I got to watch this one play out.

I was sitting inside a laundromat, reading while waiting for my clothes to wash. All of the sudden, I heard a horn honking and a clunk

Now before I continue this story, quick little side note. I was in my own accident with my mom just a few months ago. Since then I’ve witnessed three different accidents. Each time, the screetching of tires, the honking of the horn, and the sound of the impact itself have acted as a trigger which brings back the experience of my own accident. I don’t drive yet, and quite frankly I’m slightly terrified to start.

Anyways. The first driver promptly hopped out of the car, while the second driver took his sweet time crawling out of the mass of air bag that filled his vehicle. Meanwhile, a bystander was loading his truck just off to the side of the road before this all happened. He promptly continued loading the truck and left, and from what I saw it looked like he didn’t even stop to ask if the drivers were ok. In his defense, one of the cars was only a few feet from striking him when it happened. 

The drivers each exchanged a few words of whoch I couldn’t hear, however I could see that their body language seemed civil. It took a little longer than expected for a cop to show up and report the accident. The cop took notes from each driver,ade sure that they were ok, and then some tow trucks showed up, one for each car. The cars were loaded onto the tow trucks, the tow trucks drove away. And then the two victims of the accident were picked up by their respective rides. The incident was cleaned up within 30 minutes. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about how different the experience was during this accident. These drivers seemed civil and respectful, and the cop actually attended to the situation and made sure everything was ok. My god, what a contrast to the a**hole of a cop we had cover our scene!! They even had witnesses! Meanwhile, my mom and I had a whole bus of people drive by without even slowing down! (In retrospect I wouldn’t expect them to stop what they’re doing to make sure we were ok, but it sure made me mad in the moment).

Yet, I’m sure that those two drivers are currently sitting, thinking, and mad at the situation just like I was. I’m sure they are stressed out, dreading their new insurance bills and hoping it ends up in their favor. They’re thinking about the moment right before impact when their life probably flashed before their eyes, before they realized they’re alive but now in a grave situation. I don’t even dount that they may havr found fault with the cop, despite how attentitive and caring he seemed to be. Their experience of living through that accident was much different than my experience of witnessing. My initial, shaky reaction to those two cars colliding might have been bad, but I’m sure their adrenaline was pumping out much faster.

For every experience we witness, there is someone living it. For those experiencing whatever you’d personally call the good life, step in and try to experience what they’re living. Feel what they feel, do what they do. Take everything in and see it as an example of how to live life. And for those going through hard times, don’t be so quick to judge. Step in and see through their eyes and feel their pain so that you may be more empathetic, and attempt to help in the process. 

I witnessed a car accident through rose colored lenses yesterday. I saw only the good. And yet the two guys who were involved were possibly scared out of their minds. 

It’s ok my dudes. It ended up fine for me. You’ll get through the bs.

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