Do What Needs to be Done Now

I just watched a video today on Facebook. Something about it inspired me. Here’s the video if you are interested in watching; I encourage you to!

I don’t normally share videos like this, but something inspired me to watch this one. This woman exudes joy and glows of confidence. And yet here she is sharing this video about how it’s taken years for her to get over her own insecurities. The jaw thing really hit home.

For those that don’t know, I have an under-bite that my orthodontist recommended I have a surgery to fix. Ever since then I’ve been insecure about my under-bite, literally thinking it’s the first thing that anybody notices about me (which is funny, cause, being tall should be the first thing people notice😉). So of course, making the decision to postpone the surgery that I need to get was severely hard. For now, I have chosen to focus on my career and personal education, more on that to come later. But point being. Don’t waist time focusing too much on your image. Focus on growing your skills. Networking. Build yourself and others up. Maybe grow an empire. Don’t wait for something like I was waiting on my surgery. Enjoy where you’re at now.

I’m not saying to not get the surgery, or whatever it is that will make you feel better about your looks. Trust me, I want to get my surgery and not just for cosmetic reasons. I’d love to have a bite that aligns correctly and not have jaw pain. This also goes for anything that might be hindering you from any of your goals. Don’t wait until you have completed college or school or whatever form of educational path you choose to pursue before you start building up your portfolio of work. Just start even if all the stars aren’t aligned or the puzzle pieces don’t fit together quite right. The time will come and everything will match up and you’ll catch up to exactly where you want to be.

All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t let anything hinder you from feeling good and doing what you need to do now.

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