The Impending Pile of Doom

As I woke up this morning, I did the usual routine: checked my phone, got up, and changed into my workout clothes to go break a sweat. Except today, as I walked over to my dresser, I noticed a horrific sight that had somehow escaped my vision for the past week and a half. Just a few feet in front of me sat a small mountain full of jeans, sweaters, and probably ninety percent of the undergarments I own. The worst part is that these garments were mostly freshly washed, if not worn only once. Suddenly I realized that my failure to fold my newly washed garments and refold and store just-worn-but-still-clean articles of clothing had manifested into this impending pile of doom. Now, instead of a small pile of the days worn-and washed clothing at the end of each night, I had a large, mountainous pile staring me in the face that would take well over an hour to organize and fold.

As I was folding, I couldn’t help but think of how my pile of doom could serve as a metaphor for any other bad habit we let control our lives. From eating bad, to spending impulsively, bad habits pile up, just like good habits pile on. One day of giving in to negative impulses (such as going on a small shopping spree or hosting your own personal thanksgiving feast) is ok, as long as it’s not done often. But when you repeat bad habits day in and day out, you could end up with your own impending pile of doom. Luckily, my own pile was made up of wrinkled clothing, but worse habits could lead to several pounds of extra weight or racked up credit card debt.

Cutting out bad habits might sound much harder than you think, but by replacing them with good habits, it makes it that much easier. Just think of yourself as your own personal bank: you can be in debt to the results of your own bad habits, or you could be making interest on the results of your good habits.

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