It’s Ok to Recommit

If my readers haven’t noticed, I have been posting quite a bit more than average on my blog as of late. The reason I’ve been posting so much is because I’m aiming to write for 30 days straight as part of the Praxis content creation challenge (for those reading who don’t know about Praxis, I’ll be writing an informative follow up post soon!). For the first five days, that went really great. Even if I wasn’t producing the best content out there, I was still writing daily, and shipping by posting the pieces to this blog. However, after day five, something… happened. I just stopped writing, and for no good reason at all.

Inspiration failed to strike. I didn’t have enough time on my hands. Even if I did write, I was probably going to feel even crappier about the quality of the content than I did about my previously written content. While I could say that these were all legit excuses, present me can’t help but look at this past weekend me and say, “really?”. In no way should I have let those excuses be reasons that I couldn’t finish what I was supposed to accomplish. Inspiration didn’t strike because I didn’t even try to get inspired. I didn’t have time because I didn’t make the time. The quality? Who cares about perfection? I’m sure my writing is still better than ninety percent of people who have never even tried!

If there is something that you have been putting off because of any excuse, but especially the excuse that your work will never be perfect enough, I encourage you to tell your inner critic to shut the f*ck up, and to just start. The fact is that starting out, you are bound to fail. How big or small is a different matter, but stop fearing the unknown and just start. Somebody out there is bound to see the value in your work, no matter how crappy you may think it is. So just start. Done is better than perfect.

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