Why You Should Own a Cat

I have a personal phrase: If you aren’t a cat person, you simply haven’t met the cat. As for me, I grew up with several lovable little a**holes, and I couldn’t have been happier to have been raised with them. Each one had their own personality: Brownie, the might-as-well-be-a-dog, Blackie, the sassy spunkster, and Billie, the fraidy-that-has-a-heart (RIP Billie). Oh, and I couldn’t miss out on my two adopted-from-the-neighbor cats: Chow, the looks-like-a-dork, and Shadow, the is-a-dork.
Anyways, enough about my cats. Here is why YOU should own one:

1.) They’re Snarky

Cats are a**holes and that is a fact of life. That does not mean that you should not own one, however. Their snark can be quite entertaining. As an owner of two cats, it is quite entertaining to watch the two get into a tussle just a minute after being cuddly and lovable.

2.) They are Independent

Cats do sh*t on their own. And yes, that literally means they take care of their own business, making sure to bury it deep enough beneath the earth so that you won’t step on it as you tend to your garden. Cats also have the ability to clean themselves, as well as to respectfully remind you when they are hungry, as opposed to eating anything in sight that remotely resembles food (unlike mans best friend).*

*The above statement does not apply to Brownie, who quite literally behaves like a dog and fails to follow the rules of cat behavior, down to failing to bury his own business.

3.) They’re Even Loyal

Despite being independent and taking care of their own business, cats are similar to dogs in that they are loyal. Cats do love their owners, and from experience, I know that they can tell when their owners are in need of love. Several times I have been in tears, or even simply frustrated over something going on in my life, and my cats were able to tell that something was wrong. Cats are not insensitive beings. They are capable of emotion and they do have emotions of their own. Just think of most of them like that one friend of yours that is too cool to show their own feelings, but can never let you go sad.

I’m not saying to not get a dog, but I am saying do get a cat.

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