One Thing at a Time

In our fast paced world, one really can’t expect everything to be perfect with the blips that pop up along our road to success. Except I do. Well, not realistically. But I do hold myself to unreasonably high standards and then get mad at myself when I fail to reach them. This is ironic when you consider the fact that I do come especially close to reaching or do reach my personal goals, I’d say about 95% of the time.

I blame my perfectionism and tendency to over analyze the process of reaching my goals as a reason that I haven’t accomplished as much as I would have or could at by this point in my life. Yet I have accomplished a majority of things I have set out to do if I really stop and think about it. I just have a tendency of expecting way more from myself than I necessarily have the time or resources to realize, and yes, I do get stuck on the process.

What I have come to realize, however, is that it isn’t the process you should get stuck on. Neither is it the end result, necessarily. If you think about it, the reason we really set goals is 1.) to grow, and 2.) to achieve a feeling, which can be things such as joy or contentedness, however, the feeling we all strive for is accomplishment. Therefore, getting stuck on the process isn’t really necessary. Especially as someone who is young, now is my time to experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things, and most of all, to f*ck up and learn from it. By experimenting and learning we grow, and by continuing to apply our learned knowledge, we do eventually accomplish.

Most importantly, don’t get stuck on the process, because all you can really do is focus on the now. This isn’t to say that having a plan is a bad thing. But plans aren’t always there to be stuck to. Think of a plan like a map: it might show you the best, or fastest, or most efficient way to get to your destination, but there are usually several roads you can take to get to that same place. Some might be more fun and adventurous, and some might be severely rocky and be an overall tougher expedition. But remember, it’s ok to get lost every once in a while and take a less traveled road. You might even find a different destination that feels like a better place for you to stay.

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