Experience the Experiences of Others

I’ve heard that fantasy is an important part of child development. I can’t help but think that it can be tremendously helpful in adult development, too.

Have you ever been so immersed in a book or television series that you start to feel like you are living out the characters life? I for one have. I recently have started watching American Horror Story: Cult, and have experienced a sightly weird phenomenon. The main character, played by Sarah Paulson, has a deep phobia of clowns, to the point where i personally think she should be committed to an insane-asylum. After watching last night, I had a strange dream about one of my own childhood phobias: aliens. Funny enough, this was the first episode of this season, and I don’t even consider this a show that I can get into that deeply (well with the exception of Coven, cause Stevie Nicks). Yet, I found myself having old irrational phobias coming to haunt me during my sleep. Perhaps coincidence, but since I don’t remember having another alien themed dream past the age of ten or so, me thinks not.

Reading (and watching) fiction quite literally does give us the ability to take on the experiences of another. Therefore, I do advise any of my readers to read and watch the experiences of those they plan to take on. However, biographical tales are just as important in us experiencing others lives. We can experience the hardships of growing up feeling like an outsider in the film The Blind Side, or take in the experiences of entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg by watching The Social Network.

Who do you want to take on the experiences of?

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